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Steam Flow Form Radiator Installation Tips


Charleston Steam Radiator Dimensions
7.65" MODEL XSFF91.44 XSFF182.88
LENGTH (IN.) 36" 72"
WEIGHT (LBS) 32 lbs 57 lbs


picture Mounting Tips:
  1. This radiator may only be installed horizontally and affixed to the floor as shown with two screws in each pedestal.
  2. The radiator may be rotated depending on which sides the supply and return are desired.
  3. The radiator should be tilted a minimum of 1/16" per foot toward the condensate return. This can be accomplished by turning the center tube from the bottom of the radiator as well as the pedestal base to adjust the pedestals.
  4. Accurately mark the holes to mount the pedestal bases as shown under Specifications.
  5. Drill holes to suit screws
  6. Fix radiator to the floor with screws.
  7. A control valve should be installed on the supply side and a steam trap on the return side. Use pipe dope to seal connections.